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Activecrypt CertX ActiveX

Thank you for being interested in our software!

CertX ActiveX is a component that uses the functions of OpenSSL for generation and verification of signatures and for sealing (encrypting) and opening (decrypting) data.

It is fully compatible with PHP module. This can help you to develop web pages also on Windows platform with ASP and ASP.NET if you have an experience with PHP. Or on the contrary if you develop your encryption with this component you can easily port it to PHP/Unix with minimum efforts ! 


Activecrypt CertX is installed as a single DLL into your Windows DLL. From programming point of view this is an ordinary COM object and need to be registered with regsrv32.exe command. However installation program does this automatically. You need to register it in the system yourself only if you distribute the DLL manually.

Additionally CertX install and uses openssl.conf file from you Windows folder. This file contains default settings for many encryption operations.

To start using CertX in your program, add a reference to Activecrypt CertX type library:

Other software developed by our company:

XP_CRYPT Easy-to-use, affordable, and effective security solution for column encryption within the MSSQL Server, MSDE and Oracle . It allows database administrators and developers to encrypt data without having to invent and develop an entire key management system themselves.
XP_CRYPT uses a server side encryption to allow you to encrypt and decrypt data without having to change your applications. XP_CRYPT is compliant with VISA VISA CISP, HIPAA, GLBA requirements. 

SQL Shield Special built-in tool for MSSQL Server and MSDE. It prevents the decryption of encrypted triggers, views and stored procedures. It is not a secret that the native encryption of T-SQL is very weak. SQL Shield adds an extra encryption to stored procedures, but they remain executable! This means that you do not need to restore them for execution every time when you need to run them. They cannot be decrypted with any known decryptor. You can download a free trial version and check it out yourself.

MySCP ActiveX If you need to transfer files to or from your web site securely, you will want to use Secure Copy - also known as SCP. SCP uses encryption similar to SSH (Secure Shell) to encrypt data between the client and the server. This ensures that no one can intercept and view the data transmitted. MySCP is a COM object which provides a simple interface to copy files between Windows and Linux/Unix systems over a secure encrypted channel. You can use it with any language which supports the Microsoft COM technology. SSH2 is supported.

MySSH ActiveX Secure Shell (SSH) is a protocol to log into another computer over a network and to execute commands on a remote machine. It provides strong authentication and secure communications over unsecure channels. It is intended as a replacement for rlogin, rsh, and rcp. MySSH is a COM object, which provides a simple interface to execute programs on remote Linux/Unix systems over the secure encrypted channel. Simply specify a command to execute and get back the result as a string. You can use it with any language which supports the Microsoft COM technology. SSH2 is supported.

Activecrypt ActiveX

ActiveCrypt - Fast and multithreaded ActiveX object which implements various encryption methods. Especially made for a comfortable work with front-end languages Visual Basic, ASP, C++, Delphi and other tools which support COM technology.

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* Supported symmetric encryption algorithms: AES, RC4, RC5, IDEA, CAST5, Triple DES, DESX, BlowFish
* Supported hashes: MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160
* Supported digital signatures: SHA1-RSA, MD5-RSA

(c) Activecrypt Software LLC, 2004


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